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Honda CB500 Maintenance

Hello people.

I wanted to inquire a bit more into your Honda CB5OO X,F,R Maintenance.

My Bike is nearly 9000km, and as per the dealer (Honda) here in my country, Oil changes are every 2500km, I've done it that way since I bought the bike brand new, though since the 6500km oil change, I used a Bel-Ray EXS Synthetic Oil 10W40, apparently it is way better than the standard used at the dealer's.

Anyways, also, when would be a good estimate on changing the Air Filter, I want to change the OEM for the K&N Air Filter, though, from you guys experience, when would it be appropiate to do it?

And, also, chain lubricants you use for your CB500, and chain adjustments periods, say for example, every 10,000 km.

Thanks for your input into this forum thread and happy riding-

Aarondvargas - Honda CB500XA 2015
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